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Written by Paperpin Friday, 30 July 2010 11:46
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Report of Twitter's chat
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The new town

  • The name of the new neighborhood hasn't been decided yet, but it will be a modern town with a seaside and a lot of skyscrapers. It wasn't inspired by New York.
  • There will be a subway, which is a rabbithole where Sims get in, disappear inside and get out. You'll have to pick the destination. It is a free service, but be careful as you can be mugged.
  • Old rabbitholes have been remodeled but none of them was opened (no playable City Hall or school, for example).

New traits

  • Shy
  • Star Quality, which allows you to be popular much easier, like the Eccentric trait for the inventing ability.


  • The Hunger motive is replaced by Thirst (they will have a favourite food indeed, which is blood of course);
  • They can die of thirst, and this will create a new color ghost. They can basically die of every death, except for starvation;
  • If exposed to sun, they'll be seriously injuried and won't be able to use their powers until their recovery;
  • They can eat plasma packs, which are snacks with a red package;
  • Bloodfruits can be bought at the grocery or grown;
  • Vampire feed animations depend on their relationship with other Sims. Anyway, they won't attack a Sim to drink its blood, but will ask first;
  • Vampire children or teens go to school during the day, but must hurry up to catch the bus (anyway Rodiek said that the strongest vampire features appear in the young adult/adult stages);
  • Vampire skintone is a bit different from normal Sims, but it won't be a new skintype and does not glitter (vampires are not Twilight-inspired!!);
  • There is a cure for Vampirism;
  • Vampire will have unique moves and behaviors: they can read the mind, hunt others and get superpowers very quickly;
  • They age much slower than ordinary Sims;
  • They may have troubles if eating garlic..
  • They do not sleep in a coffin!

Buy/Build modes

  • Curved and circular pools, which can be placed on every floor;
  • Halfwalls;
  • New foundations to build stages;
  • A new fountain tool;
  • You can move paintings up and down;
  • There will be apartments, which won't be like The Sims 2 Apartment Life but more like shell buildings from The Sims 3 World Adventures, that is, big places with only a few floors to live in.

New places to visit

  • Studios (rabbithole);
  • Subway (rabbithole - the buydebug allows you to place subway stops even in your residential lot);
  • Vampire bars.


  • New dance moves;
  • New opportunities and wishes;
  • VIP areas are much better than ordinary places, with cooler people and higher quality objects and activities;
  • You can add lots and elements of the new town to existing neighborhoods;
  • You can crash NPC parties;
  • You can bribe bouncers, sneak in or have free access due to your "celebrity status";
  • There are new and improved water reflections;
  • There's a FX machine for snow, fire, glitter and bubbles;
  • Streetlights are decorative objects;
  • There are new musical genres;
  • There's still the curfew for teenagers.

The game does NOT feature

  • Bowling alleys
  • Microphones
  • New skintones
  • DJ booth
  • Spiral stairs
  • Folding beds
  • Weather and pets
  • Swimming in the ocean
  • Hotels

Grant also answered to questions about further EPs, gaining suggestions and commenting that "everything is possible in The Sims" and that Late Night is not just a mix of Hot Date, House Party and Nightlife. The game will be available from October 26th 2010.

Last but not least, he even commented about Fast Lane Stuff, which is coming out on September: there will be about 12 new cars and maybe new traits.

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