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Written by Paperpin Friday, 30 July 2010 11:46
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Report of Twitter's chat
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As promised, here's a report of Grant Rodiek's chat that took place on Twitter a few days ago. Sorry for the late translation, but things have been hectic these days and I do not have much time to follow each article properly. Anyhow, as many of you already know, Sims Wiki published a list which more or less summarizes the main features of the game, and we're going to use it in order to save time and be sure not to get confused among the 14 pages of tweets I saved the other night. Of course, we'll add new details where possible or that haven't been included.

Ready? Let's go!

New objects

  • Elevators, which can be placed in your Sims' houses and where your characters can woohoo;
  • Three new instruments: drums, bass and piano, each of which has its own ability, just like it already happens for the guitar;
  • A brand new shuffleboard;
  • Darts;
  • A bubble bar;
  • New bar counters;
  • Three new hottubs where Sims can woohoo;
  • Vampires-inspired beds;
  • An altar for vampires.

New socials

  • Make a move (romantic interaction);
  • Drinking and talking while sitting.

New abilities

  • Playing drums, bass and piano;
  • Mixology, which allows you to create drinks, learn bartender's moves and moonlight as a mixologist in the club. Each drink has also a different effect;
  • New recipes.

New careers

  • Film career, which has two branches: Actor and Director (similar to the Doctor career of Ambitions);
  • Celebrity offspring can get an exclusive part-time career when they're teenagers;
  • Despite the previous EPs, Late Night is much more into life simulation than opportunities, so players will have the reins of the game back.


  • A new breast slider (female only);
  • A new muscle slider, different from the existing one (which will be still available) and available for both genders. If you want great abs, go ahead! Both this slider and the previous one will be genetically passed down;
  • New clothing and hairdos;
  • New facial hair;
  • New tattoos.

New NPCs

  • Paparazzi
  • Bouncer
  • Butler


  • Bands can perform gigs;
  • You can ask other Sims to join your band, kick them out or hold jam sessions;
  • Musicians do not play for free, unless they're lame beginners.

Celebrities (not a new career)

  • They can audition other Sims in the neighborhood;
  • They can shoot B-reel movies for money;
  • They can be paid for schmoozing.

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