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Grant Rodiek describes The Sims 3 Late Night PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Thursday, 22 July 2010 14:48
Producer Grant Rodiek released an interview to Russian site, answering a few questions about the new EP and revealing some interesting information. Let's see what's new..

Late Night seems to be the expansion pack for those who hate the everyday routine. Right after the twilight, the downtown gets full of people and nightlife, offering any kind on entertainment (and why not, interesting dates). Quoting Rodiek's words in the translated article:

Your Sim's evening could start something like this: he calls his friends by the group and invite them to arrange an improvised concert at the garage to warm up. Then, tired of loud music, they are sent to the nearest bar to enjoy the full spectrum of colored drinks and the party game of darts. There they stumble upon a crowd of fans eager to get their autograph, and something of value, but broke through the dense entanglement of living and loving bodies, our heroes are sent to the VIP-section

Sims can also swim naked in the city's swimming pool! Also, pubs and bars have different opening times: some are open 24/7, others open in the evening and some others only in the late night!

The new city will offer any kind of amusing places, such as bars, clubs, gardens and terraces, secret corners, observation platforms, and fast foods. There will be new objects and furniture styles, like bar counters, disco lights and smoke machine, new mirrors, rounded pools and much more. There should be changes to editors like the Create a Sim or Create a Style, but we'd rather wait for new articles before talking about them.

It is sure, instead, that Late Night will bring apartments back! Their value and quality will vary according to several factors, like their position, and basing on your Sims' funds and fame, you may enter exclusive areas. The expansion pack will also feature new jobs (like the Actor career) and abilities.

In a time when they're having a huge success in movies and book and after a lot of players' requests, vampires will be back in the Sims' world, just like The Sims 2 Nightlife. We did said that they will be different from ordinary Sims, but thanks to InfiniteSims we can give you a few more details about them:

You have to find a vampire in the world, befriend it, and then ask it to turn you into a vampire. You can then turn other Sims into vampires.” Late Night also includes a new Blood Line system, which will let you pass your vampirism onto your offspring. “So if a vampire and a vampire mate, it will for sure be a vampire baby. But if a vampire and a non-vampire mate, it might be a vampire or it might be a Sim. There’s no half-vampire, half-Sim babies. [...] They quench their thirst by eating plasma packs, drinking plasma from other Sims, or growing rare and awesome plasma fruits.

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