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Written by CriCri Friday, 28 May 2010 14:51
Many information has been circulating and will do so until June 4th - European release date for The Sims 3 Ambitions. We have thus revised what has been wrote about and extract details from the pictures available on the web and the videos released by GameSpot....just trying to kill time!


As for Twinbrook, we told you that it is inspired from the southern part of the United States (Mississippi, Lousiana, Alabama, etc.), has a different style from Sunset Valley and Riverview and is covered by a fog layer.. well, thanks to other site's previews, among which The Sims 3 in Russia, and Sims 3 Nieuws we have found out further details, like the old and rusty railway. Here's a few pictures about Twinbrook.

phoca_thumb_m_ts3_ep2_twinbrook_cap_01 phoca_thumb_m_ts3_ep2_twinbrook_cap_02 phoca_thumb_m_ts3_ep2_twinbrook_cap_03 phoca_thumb_m_ts3_ep2_twinbrook_cap_04 phoca_thumb_m_ts3_ep2_twinbrook_cap_05 phoca_thumb_m_ts3_ep2_twinbrook_cap_06 phoca_thumb_m_ts3_ep2_twinbrook_cap_07 phoca_thumb_m_ts3_ep2_twinbrook_cap_08 phoca_thumb_m_ts3_ep2_twinbrook_cap_09


Here below you can see some pictures of the firehouse, the "pole" to swing around floors and a firefighter solving an emergency...


...but that's not all. From GameSpot's demo we were able to take a picture of a firefighter's control panel, the "Respond to Emergency" option, the Current Job window (in this case a large fire we have to save 3 Sims from) and a game tip about breaking the door.


Private investigators

Thanks to GameSpot, we have also takes a few pictures about investigators' control panel, a job opportunity and the "Search Garbage for Clues" option.


Interior designers

Here's the interior designer control panel, a new job opportunity, your customer's wishlist (in this case for a teenager's room).


Thanks to other sites' previews, we can also get an overview about the Stylist's decorative objects (which can also be used for the laundrette) and the working stations (the lighter version of CAS).



Here you can see a sculptor working on his masterpiece (the rock to turn into a sculpture) and his final result.



We told you about the laundrette, so here's a few pictures of it. Also, as some of you have asked about the clothing line, you can also see a (very bad quality) picture of it.

phoca_thumb_l_ts3_ep2_cap_14phoca_thumb_m_ts3_ep2_laudry_cap_02 phoca_thumb_m_ts3_ep2_laudry_cap_13

Changes to the UI

GameSpot's video clearly shows the changes made to the messages system. Here's a picture where you can see how they have been arranged in tabs. You can also find the red and yellow symbols of a job opportunity we've talked about in our coverage.
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