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Exclusive preview and video from GameSpot PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Thursday, 27 May 2010 10:51
GameSpot, popular website about videogames that is well-known for its articles and previews, has published a new article and a video about Ambitions, other than a couple of new screenshots.

ts3_ep2_22 ts3_ep2_23

The preview itself, to be honest, doesn't add much more to what we already know, and it's dedicated to the ghost hunter profession with a few lines about the inventing ability. However, let's take a look to the most interesting passages:

The ghost hunter profession benefits greatly from logic skill (to work the experimental Ghostbusters-like contraptions that capture loose spirits), so it helps to pick logic-based traits like "genius" and "computer whiz" to aid your performance. [...] Like with all of Ambitions' professions, you can sign up for the career path straightaway by picking up the nearest newspaper (and using the "find a profession" option rather than the "find a job" option). [...] Even though professions do have set work hours each day, they don't always require you to start an hour beforehand by jumping into that pesky carpool car. Instead, you'll get an onscreen pop-up alert that lets you know it's time for work, and you can get started on your own time. Early on in your career path, you can actually take your time, but as you gradually get promoted, your job will become more time consuming and you'll be better off if you hurry to your job. [...] As you might expect, bustin' ghosts requires you to work odd hours (you'll start off at about 5:00 p.m. in game time and work until the wee hours of the morning). The meat and potatoes of the profession are "spirit collecting" jobs that require you to don your ectoplasm-stained jumpsuit, hop into a cab, and travel across town to an infested house. Once you arrive, you'll be given an onscreen meter that keeps track of how many loose ghosts are on the premises, and you must head into the building to capture them, which you can do simply by clicking on a ghost to interact and choosing the "capture" option. Ghosts appear as glowing blobs of varying colors and have different ages (such as young or old) and different temperaments (lower-level ghosts are "kind" or "nice," while higher-level ghosts will put up much more of a fight). They also have a monetary value attached to capturing them. Once you've sucked up every specter, you'll receive a cash bounty for clearing out the property and have the spirits in your inventory, which you can then donate to science. Interestingly, while you'd figure that working the graveyard shift as a ghost hunter would be a lonely and isolating job that cuts deeply into your sim's need to socialize, it turns out that several of the jobs you'll take will actually be in the inhabited homes of other sims across town.

Anyhow, the icing on the cake of the piece is the video presented by producer Melanie Lam, thst shows a few features of Ambitions. You may also be curious to know that the video and the characters shown are the same we saw during the fan event in Milan on May 14th.
You can find the HD-quality video here (right after a short ad).
Last Updated on Thursday, 27 May 2010 11:29