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New details about Ambitions from the Dutch previews - other details... PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Monday, 24 May 2010 17:26
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New details about Ambitions from the Dutch previews
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Private eye

  • Private investigators have a new special door, with a milky glass top with a painted magnifying glass.
  • To start working as a private eye, you have to go to the police station. You’ll start as a Listener for 275§ a day. Private investigators have the following responsibilities: be on the lookout, cases and Logic skill.
  • There are new computer options for PIs, like hacking the information database.
  • If you want to collaborate with the police, you’ll work almost like any other policeman. You can also choose to hang around with your co-workers or work normally.

Ghost hunter

  • There is a new lifetime wish called “Paranormal proficere”, which can be fulfilled by reaching level 10 in this profession.
  • Among the others, there are new options for ghost hunters: hunt ghost and drive them away.
  • When you go to the graveyard, you can talk to the ghosts and avoid their coming out from the graves.

Ghost hunters, private eyes and interior designer have a new option in the Career tab, where all their works are shown (you cannot follow more than one per time, just like opportunities).

Inventing (ability)

  • You can create monsters and there’s a dedicated lifetime wish!
  • Inventors can use Sim Bots to smash their old furniture and get scraps to work with.
  • There is a invention log with a list of all the items you’ve created or the time travels you’ve made.
  • Inventing increases your Handiness skill.
  • The inventions you create are mostly decorative, except for the floor hygienator, the eye star (to harvest fruits from your plants), the driller and the time machine.
  • When a Sim enters the time machine, it starts moving and shaking. As soon as s/he reaches his/her destination, a window will inform you about the place s/he’s at and what’s going on there.

Tattoo making (ability)

  • You cannot tattoo your legs.
  • Tattoos cannot be removed.
  • There are two tattoo chairs: one with a Sim working on it and applying your design and an automatic one, that doesn’t need employees.

Sculpting (ability)

  • By earning skills you can unlock different materials to work with.
  • Each material can be used in one way only.
  • When sculptors and inventors create something, they can choose to Make one or Make many of them.

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