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The Sims 3 Ambitions - Italian preview with Grant Rodiek [part II] - News from the CAS, Edit town and user interface PDF Print
Written by CriCri Wednesday, 19 May 2010 16:46
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The Sims 3 Ambitions - Italian preview with Grant Rodiek [part II]
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News from the CAS, Edit town and user interface
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icon_clownNews in the CAS

Even the Create a Sim screen offers several new options. In the version we have seen, there were different types of hairstyles for men and women, including two different helmets for the motorcycle, several medium-short hair and career-themed outfits (including many garments with aprons and gloves, a dress with shoulder bag, etc.) and, of course, the section dedicated to tattoos, that we mentioned a few paragraphs ago. So, Sims don’t have to wear the helmet while on the motorcycle, but if you want them to, you can always change their look before the go out.

Also, there are some hairdos and some clothes that cannot be used in CAS because they are exclusive for stylist or obtainable only by travelling in time (such as medieval clothing or caveman outfits).

About the hairstyles, we have a funny story to tell. Talking to Grant after the presentation, we told him that we really need curly hair for the game (which was a very disinterested question, since both Paperpin and I have curls…!) and he replied that they are hard to create but they have been introduced in this EP, so he went off to show them. Unfortunately, when he got in CAS, he realized that there are only slightly wavy hairdos! Players all over the world, we still have to wait for curls…

icon_humIt looks like that new kinds of music have been added (country and rock music) and that in the CAS you can create relationships like best friends or fiance.

icon_landEdit town

A major update (independent from Ambitions) regards the neighborhood: it will be possible to change the town layout without the Create a World tool, deleting, moving and changing lots, adding or removing plants, hills, etc.. directly from the Edit Town menu. The only thing you can’t do is changing the roads (but there’s the CAW for that!). Also, you can get this even if you don’t buy the game, as a major update is going to be released!

icon_boardUpdates to the user interface

The graphic interface of the game has been slightly modified to make it easier to use through a tabs division. What does it mean? 

First of all, the notification window that appears on the right of the screen every time a Sim earns a new skill point, gets a promotion, etc.. has been organized into tabs divided by topics, which collect all the messages you receive and you can browse them with a next/prev button. Also, you can minimize the window and reopen it whenever you want.
As for the opportunities, anytime you get one you’re also notified what you need to do in order to complete it, which things you’ll necessitate, the point you’ve reached and so on (a bit like the diary of World Adventures).
Even these updates will be available for everyone, as they will be included in the next game patch that also features tattoos and the new Edit Town options.

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