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The Sims 3 Ambitions - Italian preview with Grant Rodiek [part II] - Laundry and Sim Bots PDF Print
Written by CriCri Wednesday, 19 May 2010 16:46
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The Sims 3 Ambitions - Italian preview with Grant Rodiek [part II]
Laundry and Sim Bots
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icon_bucato The laundry system

Doing the laundry is an option that many players have always wanted and now, finally, we’ll get it! Ambitions, in fact, features a laundry system which allows Sims to do the washing up, drying clothes in the sun or using the dryer.

This option is not mandatory: to "activate" the laundry you need to buy a washing machine. After that, Sims will randomly leave around the house (especially in the bathroom after showering) piles of dirty clothes. In the game, there are different kinds of washing machines, cheaper or more expensive, a dryer and a drying rack for the outside (where the clothes will drop from as well).

In this regard, we also found that Sims with the Eco-friendly trait will receive a positive moodlet for using the drying rack and a negative moodlet for using the dryer (it's all about electricity!).

Also, there will be a laundry in town, so if you don’t want to buy all the objects, you can still go there to wash your cloche [nde: we have seen the laundry lot in Twinbrook, but we didn’t visit it, so we can’t tell you how this really works].

  • To activate the laundry you need to buy a washing machine. The laundry option is not mandatory;
  • You can dry your clothes on the clothes line or in the dryer;
  • There is also a “public” laundry;
  • There are different kinds of washing machines with different power consumption;
  • The use of the laundry system affects the mood of eco-friendly Sims.

icon_robotSim Bot


Sim Bots are the new creatures introduced by this EP. After ghosts and mummies, robots are finally back, and they vaguely remind of The Sims 2 Open for Business’ Servos. Just stylistlike them, in fact, Sim Bots can be created by inventors, but Grant told us that making them is very hard. However, to make them available for everyone, you can always purchase them. Well, it’s not a real purchase since you can get them through lifetime rewards and aren’t sold in stores! You’ll need about 40,000 points and then you can get your new best friend.

Sim Bots are fun and useful: they eat metal scraps, can sleep in bed (don’t need to recharge then), can woohoo but of course cannot have babies or have a shower/bath. They can also talk to microwaves and love smashing objects rotating their arms like a helicopter! However, Sim Bots are like any other Sim: they can babysit your kids, get a job, clean the house, cook your dinner and so on..

Please note: Sim Bots are starring in the Iron Man video. However, special effects have been used for them: in fact, Sim Bots cannot fly. As for the customizing option, we asked Grant about it, but he wasn't sure if we can change the color of the Sim Bot or not. He even tried to check it, but his Sim didn't have enough points to get one.

  • Sim Bots can be built (at level 10 in Inventing) or bought as a lifetime reward;
  • They eat metal scraps;
  • They don’t need to recharge but sleep in bed and act like any other Sim;
  • They can’t get showers;
  • They love smashing objects and can talk to microwaves;
  • They can woohoo but cannot have babies;
  • They can’t fly.

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