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The Sims 3 Ambitions - Italian preview with Grant Rodiek [part I] - Doctor and ghost hunter PDF Print
Written by CriCri Tuesday, 18 May 2010 01:24
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The Sims 3 Ambitions - Italian preview with Grant Rodiek [part I]
Careers and abilities: firefighter and interior designer
Careers and skills: Private eye and stylist
Careers and skills: Doctor and ghost hunter
Careers and skills:Inventing, sculpting and tattoing
The Education career and registering as an independent
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medico Doctor
The new medical career is a hybrid between innovation and traditional careers. The hospital is still the working place and remains inaccessible. In addition to the traditional working hours, doctordoctors may be asked to help Sims about to choke while having dinner at the bistro, give free vaccine or test new drugs on other Sims – beware from the side effects!
We cannot tell you more about this career because Grant spoke very briefly about it and was not part of the presentation. There aren't news not even on the web, but thanks to the official screenshots and some videos, we can guess that doctos can make radiographies. However, when not in the hospital, the career should develop like the others, that is, from the map and through the opportunities-like pop ups.

Acchiappa fantasmi Ghost hunter
Another interesting career of Ambitions is the ghost hunter, which unfortunately has been only overviewed during the fan event. For the sake of clarity, we’re reporting a few pieces of information taken from BlackGarden@TSR !Informazione riportata da altre anteprime!.
ghostAs for many other "playable" career, working means that you have to visit your customer’s houses, as they call you if they have supernatural issues. From the map view you can see which houses are haunted and decide whether to go to lend a hand or not. Despite the official screenshots, also, the ghosts you can hunt are not persons but floating and colored swirls (which color depends on how they died). They can also take furnishing, acting like poltergeists. When you enter a haunted place, you will be surrounded by a mysterious fog and have to look for clues of supernatural beings.

Ghost hunters have a special gun, which vaguely resembles a vacuum cleaner, that can suck the spirit and free the house. In this way, the ghost is placed in your inventory and you can display it at home into bowls. By mastering this career you will be able to ask ghosts to leave instead of sucking them in. While trying the game ourselves, we have played with a ghost hunter and looked at his inventory, which was full of colored bowls. If you hover your mouse on them, you can see the ghost's age and its nature [edn: if we don't go wrong there was a "young ghost" or something like that].ghost_02 Like fishes, bugs and butterflies, you can name your ghost, set it free or sell it at the Science facility.

!Informazione riportata da  altre anteprime!Blackgarden said that ghost hunters can also be called to work in one of the town's rabbit holes. The fun thing is that while your Sim is there, funny effects surround the building.

  • ghosts are swirls of colored light and not normal ghosts of Sims;
  • ghosts are sucked into a special gun;
  • ghost hunters can display the captured spirit at home, name it, set it free or sell it.

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