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The Sims 3 Ambitions - Italian preview with Grant Rodiek [part I] - Private eye and stylist PDF Print
Written by CriCri Tuesday, 18 May 2010 01:24
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The Sims 3 Ambitions - Italian preview with Grant Rodiek [part I]
Careers and abilities: firefighter and interior designer
Careers and skills: Private eye and stylist
Careers and skills: Doctor and ghost hunter
Careers and skills:Inventing, sculpting and tattoing
The Education career and registering as an independent
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Investigatore PrivatoPrivate eye
One of the most interesting careers in Ambitions is the private investigator. To get this job you can use the newspaper or your computer and - with a system like World Adventure's - you can decide which cases you want to follow (one per time) and when to go out and investigate.
investigator_02Private eyes can collaborate with the police for some cases or work autonomously when someone hires them (!Informazione non  verificata!for example, BlackGarden@TSR described one of the cases she followed during the Hands-on event in London. Her private investigator was asked to find who kicked over the garden gnome in her client's garden. By rummaging in the trashcan, he found a shoe whose sole matched the footprint left on the gnome!). There are several things you can do while investigating, and not all of them are...politically correct. Private eyes can rummage through someone's garbage or mailbox, search among bushes or break into someone's house when nobody's there and..take things for evidence! (Just try to imagine what could happen with a kleptomaniac investigator...). They have to pay attention, however, not to be seen or not to start alarms, otherwise they'll have to run away very quickly! They'll be provided with several new interactions as well as a new burglar kit and a fingerprints powder. But that's not all. When a private eye has an enemy or bad neighborhood issues, s/he can also decide to get him/her in troubles by searching for compromising information in his/her garbage and blackmail him/her!
Grant showed us the night scene of a private investigator hiding near a suspected Sim's house: the city was covered with an eerie fog and looked really mysterious. All around the house a series of light blue magnifying glasses appeared, highlighting the "hot spots" where you can search for evidence. Of course all the cases have that humorous and comic feeling, typical of the Sims, laughs are guaranteed! Also, there is a fun interaction that allows private eyes not to be seen while following someone: Grant told us a very funny story about a guy who hangs out in San Francisco and loves hiding among the greenery, then quickly comes out scaring people...well, like he does, private investigators can hide behind the bushes and spy on other Sims with very weird and funny gestures. Incredibly, nobody notices him! investigator_01We have also asked the producer if when playing with a household we can hire a private eye, ghost hunter or architect, but clearly the answer was no.

  • private eyes can work autonomously or collaborate with the police;
  • there are several tools available, such as fingerprint powder and a burglar kit;
  • investigations are based on a system like World Adventure's and hot spots are highlighted by a magnifying glass;
  • private investigators can rummaging through someone's garbage or mailbox, break into someone's house and take things for evidence, blackmail Sims, follow someones and fight, if necessary
  • you cannot hire a private investigator or any other "playable" career worker.

The stylist career allows you to work on other Sims' appearance and give them a new look. Just like any other new career, you will be hired by Sims who feel like changing something about their look, so it may be a good idea to know their traits and tastes. The stylist's working place is the local salon, where you'll have to go everyday to meet your customers. Once there, you can decide whether you want to hang out with your co-workers or meet your customers. Keep in mind that during your working hours you'll receive requests through pop-up windows, just like opportunities (and the interiors designer career).
stylistStylists can only edit a Sims' clothes, makeup and hairstyle, choosing from a wider range of possibilities: those who want to work in this career, in fact, are provided with an exclusive set of hairdos and clothing, which are not shown in the traditional CAS. Just like the interior designer, you will get a list of wishes, such as 3 new formal dresses, 3 everyday clothes and so on. These, of course, are the minimum requirements. When you work on a Sim's look, s/he is autonomously taken into a lighter version of the Create a Sim screen, and there you can make the choices you want. Even in this case you can play tricks on your enemies: there are several weird options like bad hairstyles, smeared make up and so on. Obviously, the more you meet you customer's requests, the more you'll earn.
!Informazione non verificata!There may also be a connection with The Sims 2 Open for Business, that is, a mix between experience and your final result. Tidus on the official UK forum said that his sylist was at his first job and had poor artistic skills, so he transformed his customer in some kind of clown.stylist_01
Also, a few lines ago we have mentioned a "lighter" version of the CAS, and there's a reason for that. Stylists cannot edit a Sim's facial features, so s/he doesn't have the same abilities of The Sims 2 University's plastic surgeon, for example. We have asked Grant Rodiek if we'll ever have this option again (since genetics isn's always mercyful with townies) and he answered with a sly face:


so we're very hopeful for the future (let's say it again: there is NO plastic surgeon in Ambitions, maybe we'll get it in some future EP).

  • the stylist's working place is the salon;
  • stylists can modify the look of other Sims, changing the hairstyle, clothing and makeup;
  • stylists have a wider range of options to choose from because they have exclusive hairdos and clothes;
  • you cannot edit your customer's facial features.

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