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Written by CriCri Sunday, 09 May 2010 14:11
This week a new preview about The Sims 3 Ambitions has been posted by and some other unofficial rumors have been spread on the web. Continue reading to discover most important details we have extracted from all these news...
First, some rumors has brought a SimGuru to reply on the official forum about the laudry system: SimGuruLyndsay said...
Hey guys - there will be a laundry system in ambitions! It will be optional, if you don't want to bother with it, you don't have to, but if you want to add some extra good moodlets and entertainment, you can choose to purchase a washer and dryer for your Sims. AND the high end dryer might have a special surprise if you watch it closely of course if you really hate laundry, work on your inventing skill and then detonate your washer.
So it seems that a desire of some sims 3 players will be satisfied. Since really so much time players ask to wash sim's clothes.
Now, we want enphasize some details from the The Sims 3 Hands on.

While not every moment of his job is action-packed and full of disasters (though a fair share of fires do get fought in a week), enough activities are available at the station for the down time -- like playing games, eating, talking with other employees

The firefighting and stylist professions were located in a central location that I had to keep my character at, while being a P.I. or an Architectural Designer (think interior designer/contractor) kept me moving from place to place in order to dig up clues or build new rooms, respectively

Loyal Sims 3 fans who aren't interested in professions can still expect a lot of changes to their game, as EA is planning a huge free update to go along with the expansion's release. The first of the major new pieces of content is the ability for players to give their Sims tattoos. Without Ambitions players will only have access to a limited set of Tattoos, but they can still apply them to their characters and other Sims.

Other new features free to all players with the release of Ambitions are self-employment, more options with customizing a neighborhood, and increased build/buy features.

We also learned about the Create a Pattern tool, a downloadable tool which will be released to registered users from on July 28. This tool will allow players to use existing stickers or import their own pictures or other graphics and modify them in order to make patterns for walls or other items (though this will not make tattoos). Players can place dozens of images on a single pattern in up to four layers. Additional layers will allow for background colors and specularity. It's a fairly simple sounding tool, but it's just another way EA's allowing Sims 3 players to manipulate their surroundings to their liking.

What we know about The Sims 3 Ambitions?

  • At the end of July, EA will release a new free tool: Create a pattern
  • Even if you don't buy Ambitions, you will be able to add tattoo to your sims (this feature will be added with a patch)
  • There will be a new neighborhood: Twin Brook
  • New carriers will be available in every neighborhood
  • There will be a laudry system
  • Sims who have the proper skills like photography or painting can register as self employed, making it so players who are aspiring to a life goal that links to the skill will no longer have to live with that pesky "unemployed" title
  • Type of emergency: small fire, gnome invasion, massive inferno, earthquake, or an experiment gone catastrophically wrong at the science lab
  • Doctors can test pharma on sims
  • Pregnant sim can ask to architect to design a room for baby
  • There will be motorcycle
these are only a little list, of most important things for us!
Last Updated on Monday, 09 August 2010 03:21