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The Sims 3 Ambitions: fact sheet and producer interview - A couple of considerations PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Tuesday, 16 March 2010 13:20
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The Sims 3 Ambitions: fact sheet and producer interview
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A couple of considerations
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A couple of considerations

The announcement of this expansion pack has quite surprised us, as World Adventures was released a little ago (November 2009) and also because Ambitions is scheduled for the beginning of June, and it's quite a long time. In short, we don't want this hype about the next EP to fuel players' expectations and then disappoint them.

Of course, the ability to follow our Sims at work it's something a lot of people always wanted. But as we said in the past, the lack of weather, seasons and pets is still very felt. EA is obviously trying to create something new and not to repeat itself, but after years spent playing with animals, rain, cold and snow, The Sims 3 still looks too empty.

We do wish that the new possibilities introduced by the new careers will be various and interesting, but the fact the game is based on the same adventures/opportunity system of World Adventures keeps us very down to Earth (for example, in many travelling opportunities, the subject changes but the procedure to follow is always the same). Also, and this is for the less experienced and concerned players, the ability to follow Sims at work only applies to the new careers, not to the existing ones. Moreover, Open for Business and FreeTime's echoes are quite evident for several features (such as the sculpting or tattooing abilities), but we still hope that the new interactions introduced will be revolutionary (for example, if we could have plastic surgery for all the Townies, it would be a God's gift!).

Also, as SimProgram's JudHudson underlined, we're totally curious to see if there will be earthquakes and, if so, how they will be organized. Being an actual matter (and I'd say also a delicate one, given the latest events), we'd really like to know if they will be introduced in the game or if it will remain a producer's dream.

Anyhow, once again EA surprises us and throws a "tempting bait"... yet we're waiting to have it in our hands before making any plans!

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