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CAW, the neverending story of the release date PDF Print
Written by CriCri Tuesday, 15 December 2009 09:09
Well, during the last night many sites have published news about the CAW and its possible release date, but it looks like the morning sun brings news away...actually, the news of a possible release today, December 15th, has disappeared. If you look at the web page, you'll get a Terms and Conditions screen, but nothing else. Moreover, and the official forums are overwhelmed with details... Until a point tonight, can't remember the exact hour though, the Exchange was offering a test neighborhood, which wasn't a real neighborhood but showed that THAT category was ready to be used and the release date was today, December 15th. We know that the timing is different due to the time zone, so maybe we'll see the download appear in the Italian afternoon, but as for now, let's say that the release date is nothing but a huge "?" (question mark, but let's use even two of them, one for each time the release date has been postponed).

However, if on they have published an article, the release should be near. Many things have already been said, but let's sum up a few things taken from IGN and the official forum:
  • CAW is the same tool used by the developers team of The Sims 3, even if they use some other advanced tools to import worlds and objects from other programs (remember the producer that during the Sims 3 fan even told us they work with Maya?).
  • You can create new world and modify the existing ones.
  • The neighborhood size goes from 246x246 to 2048x2048, which is Sunset Valley's size (if your computer is slow, create small worlds!).
  • Once you've selected the size, you'll have to determine some "environmental factors" such as the town height, which determines how many mountains and valleys there are (this also works like a paint brush, to put grass, sand, rocks..).
  • You can add streets and walking paths (to define where Sims can walk).
  • You can add seeds, metals, gems and other collectibles spawners.
  • You can mix textures and create new ones to import.
  • You should decide where to put lots and their kind. Also, you should define which lots will give the Beautiful Vista moodlet.
  • You can add neighborhood's decorations and objects.
  • Of course, you'll be able to export and share your creations.
Should we be afraid of creating new towns? Well, afraid is not the right word, but surely we'll need a lot of patience...according to SimGuruRain, it will take from a couple of days to a week to create a SMALL world, while huge ones can take up to one month or more!! According to's reporter, it won't be that hard..we're sure, however, that a lot of people will amaze us with their creations...and their quickness ;)

Anyhow, while everyone's waiting and refreshing the CAW's page to check for updates...EA gets a lot of visits on the Sims 3 website :P
Last Updated on Monday, 09 August 2010 16:53