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Written by Paperpin Saturday, 14 November 2009 16:25
For a couple of days, some news about possible new EPs or stuff packs have been circulating. It looks like that by the beginning of February it will be released a stuff pack dedicated to loft furniture and called "The Sims 3 Modern Lot Stuff". On this is listed for February 2nd. We hope to get more information after World Adventure's release!

Also, it looks like that the new expansion pack will be some kind of version of The Sims Superstar, the EP dedicated to fame and success for the first chapter of the Sims saga. Even in this case, be very very careful with this information and take it with a grain of salt. Perhaps new details will be discovered by the beginning of the new year.

The third news will surprise many of you: together with the release of World Adventures it will be published a special game update patch dedicated to those who won't buy the EP. It will allow players to create basements and pagoda roofs among the other things. Producers, in fact, want players to be as free to share their creations as possible, and it seems good to us.

Last but not least, a rumor from Sims Slovenija: it looks like that a Create a Sim standalone version will be published by February, probably at the cost of 10$ as it happened for the "Spore Creature Creator". Basically, it's like having the Body Shop again, but paying a small fee. What do you think about this?
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