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Written by Paperpin Sunday, 18 October 2009 18:54

Producer Lyndsay Pearson revealed a few details about World Adventures in an exclusive interview to SimOperations.

Let's see what it's all about...

New socials

The new traits offers some new social interactions: Sims with the "Photographer's eye" trait can talk about cameras, films and dark rooms; those with the "Discipline" trait can Spar with somebody and the "Adventurous" ones can tell stories about their adventures.

New lifetime wishes

The new traits bring also new lifetime wishes, such as:

  • Great Explorer: Fully explore 6 tombs in each location;
  • Bottomless Nectar Cellar: Have Nectar bottles worth a high amount;
  • Master of Movement: Achieve Level 10 Martial arts and Athletics skills;
  • Martial Arts Grand Master: Level 10 Martial Arts skill and Grand Master Rank.

Careers and travelling

Each job can offer your Sims several opportunities to travel to the new places (for example to help your boss with a business deal in Al Simhara or to find an item in Champs Les Sims).


Sims who live in the three new locations can visit your base neighborhood as tourists. You will likely find them taking pictures or chatting with your neighbors.

Other news

Improvements to the Buy/Build Mode include the new Basement tool and a new feature that allows you to customize stairs and fences (thank God!). There's also something for the kids, as children can steal candies from toddlers or play "peek-a-boo" with them.

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