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World Adventures: trailer and controversy PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Tuesday, 18 August 2009 20:31

The official statement was released just a few days ago, but tons of news and rumors about World Adventures have been published since then and several sites have attended press conferences about this expansion pack.

While in Italy we're still waiting for confirmation about the EP's title, which should be Travel Adventures (the Italian version of The Sims 2 Bon Voyage was called World Adventure, and it would cause much confusion now), we already know that several artists will be featured in the EP's soundtrack: Nelly Furtado, Pixie Lott, Stefanie Heinzmann, Matt & Kim, Young Punx are part of the group of singers who are going to sing their songs in Simlish for World Adventure.

Moreover, as it has been announced, when purchasing the EP you will earn 1000 SimPoints for the Sims 3 Store, as it happened when the base game hit the shelves. And it's not all: the official trailer has also been released!

However, beside the general euphoria state that is involving a huge part of the audience, there is also a big share of fans of the plumbbobed guys that is looking unfavourably on this EA's new creature: a lot of people, in fact, think that EA is kinda failing the original gist of the Sims saga, that is, life simulation. In a few words, there's already plenty of RGB games.

Also, to add more fuel to the fire of controversy there is also the EP's preorder price published by several online store (EA Store included), which is 40$ - just 6 dollars less than the basegame's, which is currently sold for 50$. If we translate that in euros, this all looks like a true bargain, since 40$ = 28€ circa, but if we quickly check the selling price of a couple of online stores, we notice that the bad news is even worse for Europe:, which has the lowest prices in the Old Country, shows a preorder price of 32,49€, that is only 6 euros less than the basegame's (38,99€). To us, this sounds totally insane...

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