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Written by Paperpin Wednesday, 15 August 2012 17:10
The live broadcast from Cologne is just finished, with tons of known details and a few new ones..

First off - and this has nothing to do with The Sims 3 Supernatural and The SIms 3 Seasons - there will be a new Store neighborhood, called Sunlit Tides, coming out in the next 2 weeks! No details are available yet (probably it'll be officially announced later today), but they said there will be certain areas that you can only reach by swimming, which led SimGuruGraham to confirm that you won't have to buy Seasons to be able to swim (but you won't be able to reach the lighthouse in Sunset Valley)!

So here's a very short list of the newest details..

ts3 ep7_iconZombies cannot attack kids
ts3 ep7_icon The Lunar Cycle is only available with The Sims 3 Supernatural (and not through a patch)
ts3 ep7_iconZombies don't kill Sims
ts3 ep8_logoSims can get tanned in the tanning booth (and get sunburned too!)
ts3 ep8_logoDuring the summer you can enter the hotdog eating contest!
ts3 ep8_logoThere are no boats or canoes
ts3 ep8_logoThe weather channel will be back!
ts3 ep8_logoThe will be the outerwear section in CAS
ts3 ep8_logoFestivals last throughout the season. The holiday is the last day of each season
ts3 ep8_logoSims can have allergies
ts3 ep8_logoThe Blueprint Mode allows you to choose among predefined rooms (furnished) to place in your lots, to make the building process easier/quicker.
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