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The Sims 3 Supernatural: live chat replay and screenshots PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Tuesday, 19 June 2012 21:10
So, this afternoon the live chat for The Sims 3 Supernatural took place, and we did watched the event :)
We are currently translating our list of features you will find in the game, but in the meantime why don't you enjoy the event replay and a few screenshots we have taken? 

Update: the translation is now available.

The event took place this afternoon featuring producer Megan Myers (aka SimGuruMegan) and Argus Hulin. As usual, they had a hour to answer questions and comments asked on Twitter, the official forum and the chatbox available on the event's page.
As highly anticipated, The Sims 3 Supernatural will be available from September 4th in the US and from September 7th in Europe. Also, like it happened for Pets and Showtime, if you preorder the game now, you'll get the limited editions with bonus content inspired to popular game Plants vs. Zombies. Moreover, if you preorder the expansion on Origin, you can get an additional bonus set.

Please note: during the event, it was told that Origin is currently offering many games with a 50% discount, so that you can preorder The Sims 3 Supernatural and save some money. Now, this is only for the US at the moment, so stay tuned in order to discover any eventual sale/discount for your country.

Producers said that there will be at least two more demo events, but still no word on the date.
  • For the first time ever, you will be able to create supernatural Sims directly in CAS and not just the ones introduced with The Sims 3 Supernatural (werewolves, fairies and witches - but not zombies!). Yes, you will be able to create vampires and also ghosts!
  • Supernaturals can get married and have kids with other Sims, both normal and supernatural (i.e. werewolves can marry fairies, vampires can have relationships with witches etc.). When two supernaturals have a baby, s/he will be supernatural as well but no mixed breeds. This means that if your werewolf and your vampire have a kid, the baby has 50% chances to be a vampire and 50% to be a werewolf.
  • Zombies cannot woohoo or have kids.
  • In order to create a supernatural Sim in CAS, there is a new button that allows you to choose which special being you want your Sim to be. Also, supernatural-related clothing isn't just for supernatural Sims. You can dress your normal Sim as a fairy if you want to.
  • As for witches, when you create one, s/he is immediately provided with a magic wand and can wear accessories like pointed hats and stuff.
  • As for fairies, you can customize the shape and color of their wings. And the animation is pretty nice!
  • As for werewolves, there's even a new button that lets you see how your Sim looks like when transformed with just one click. When you create a werewolf, it looks just like any other Sim, except for the glowy yellow eyes. By pushing the transformation button, you can see how creepy and wolf-ish your Sim can be (and you can customize that too). You can also choose the body hair for femal werewolves (female body hair only works with werewolves, not with normal Sims!).
  • Werewolves act a bit like dogs, sniffing people, running on four legs and eating raw food from their inventories.
  • You can create supernatural kids in CAS.
  • There are new CAS sliders, available for everyone (not just supernaturals): ear orbital, ear point, jaw underbite, eyebrow definition, nostrils rotation.
  • The alchemy skill is available for everybody, not just witches, and allows you to create many elixirs with different effects. At level 3, you can create the Zombification elixir, which temporarily turns your Sim into a zombie. And the transformation is pretty awesome! The victim falls on the ground and disappear into some kind of black hole, then s/he comes out walking and acting like a non-dead. Zombies can attack and bite a Sim, which eventually leads to this Sim's zombification. There is also the possibility to make permanent zombies. You can also create elixirs that turn supernaturals into normal Sims.
  • The lunar cycle will be available in every neighborhood and affects the life of your Sims, not just the supernaturals'. In the character's avatar there is the moon phase indicator, but we didn't see that in details. The moonrise is indeed awesome!
  • There are at least 3 new death types and 3 new ghosts.
  • Moonlight Falls will have waterfalls (you don't say?!) and hides a mysterious secret..
  • If you don't have Late Night, don't worry! Supernatural introduces vampires and updates the existing ones.
  • Despite from witches, that can be good or evil depending on what kind of magic they embrace, fairies are "neutral". They can make good or evil pranks, but won't become evil fairies for that. Also, they can shrink into pixies!
  • Fairies and vampires age slower than other Sims.
  • You will be able to control the amount of supernatural in every neighborhood, but more about this will be revealed soon.

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