Rumors about a presumed Medieval-themed expansion pack or game Print
Written by Paperpin Tuesday, 01 June 2010 19:08
For the sake of clarity, we are reporting this news but we want to make clear that it is a rumor that is totally without foundation. Some sites reported about the existance of site domains such as,,,,,, that lead to think about a Medieval-themed game related to The Sims or even a new expansion pack. Some users have also tried to find out the name of these sites' owners but either EA Games has societies who buy domains for them or someone made a blunder. There aren't, in fact, links with EA nor seems to be possible an expansion pack about this topic, as no EP has a dedicated site. If it has got something to do with Redwood Shores' company, then it may - may, it's absolutely not sure - be a new project, independent from The Sims...something like Sims Carnival, for example.

We hope to make things clearer with this article!
Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 August 2010 23:54