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New pictures and information about the Creator's Camp PDF Print
Written by CriCri Sunday, 08 February 2009 00:46

First of all, many new pictures of the game have been published on several websites, and for the sake of good order we have opened a new section in our official image gallery.

Moreover, many websites have published the official blogs about the Creator's Camp andbeyond linking them to you, we'd like to make a couple of considerations about what has been posted...

The first two artists that appear with their blogs about the Camp are Simcredible and Lightside. In their articles, other than saying what they liked the most about The Sims 3, they show us a couple of lots they've built. Of course, we do not want to comment or criticise their creative style, but our opinions are only about what The Sims 3 looks like to us.

Let's start with Simcredible..there seems to be rocks and little plants..were they inspired by Macarossi@MTS's ones for The Sims 2? The wall bricks, the roof, the fence, doors and windows totally call to mind what we already have...actually, if we didn't know that the picture wasn't taken in The Sims 2 we may even mix them up..

Lots by Simcredible

Let's move on another lot created by Lightside..maybe it's just us, but also this lot reminds of The Sims 2 ones..even if we like the new pink tree we can see in the garden..

Lightside Lot 1

Lot nr. 3, will it surprise us? We don't think so. Even if it's undoubtedly much more elaborated that the previous ones (probably Lightside got used to that), we can't see so many innovations..except for the little columns in the fence and a couple of new plants..

Lightside lot 2

We still hope that when the game is released we'll be able to say that creators have many new ways and tools for building houses than now, but at the moment we are a bit disappointed. Who knows, maybe if we were invited to the Camp, we'd make a different opinion...

Last Updated on Sunday, 08 February 2009 16:35