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Written by CriCri Friday, 24 December 2010 16:25
tsr_murano_mirrorfloor_bMirror floors in The Sims 2 were a must of custom contes, people loved them. We miss reflective floors in The Sims 3... we missed! We are really grateful to talentous creatos as Inge Jones and Murano, because they created mirror and transparent floors for the Sims 3!
You can find them under Decoration/Rugs. Where and how find them? Read more...
Murano @TSR: (free set )


You need to register for free at TSR for download.

Inge @Simlogical (FREE )

Inge @Simlogical (FREE )

Alternate version that works as a window (but you find it under Decoration/Rugs)

morpheadĀ·@MTS: (FREE )


Available under rugs, different sizes and different shine (10% [R5] and 25% [R3]).

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