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Some contest to celebrate Winter! - Winter Portrait PDF Print
Written by CriCri Thursday, 02 December 2010 01:23
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Some contest to celebrate Winter!
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Winter Portrait
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 "Winter Portrait" contest's purpose is to collect some "winter portraits" made with The Sims 2 or The Sims 3, also edited with external tool.
We will choose 10 pictures. We will use these to create custom paintings for the game to share on our sites Some other outcomes for


You can take part at the competion in some ways:
  • By post a message on our forum in the specific thread related to ENTRIES [questa ├Ę la modalit├á preferita]. You can also add all your sim's pictures on our Koinup SimsCri Group.
  • By post on Koinup and add pictures to our group pool. You need to join Sims2Cri's group on Koinup add pictures to the group's pool and post on the entries thread on the group's home page. Please follow rules below and add the tag sc-first2011 in all your contest related pictures.


  • You can post up to 3 pictures.
  • You can post both The Sims 2 or The Sims 3 pictures
  • You can edit and manipulate pictures as you want with external tool too.
  • You can post both sim or landscape pictures.
  • You can freely use custom contents on your scene
  • You can choose the format of pictures: both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) are admited.
  • You can choose the picture size in pixel, just consider that on forum the max dimension allowed is 800x600px. If your picture is bigger, please post a resized version on forum and link to the original one.
  • Free to interpretate the theme "Winter portrait", we are curious to see your creativity in action


  • Short description of your picture [optional, it's a bonus]
  • up to 3 pictures (you can add some other entries to reach this limit in different moments).
  • If you use koinup please add the tag sc-winterportrait2011 to all your contest pictures and add them to SimsCri group pool.


This contest ends January, 4th 15th 2011 (GMT+1 endline h 20.00). Ranking will be posted January, 7th 17th.

OUTCOME & Judges

Judges: SimsCri staff members, in particular Cristina, Bluesky, Paperpin and Simsimay
We consider: quality of pictures and creativity.

We will choose 10 pictures. We will use these to create custom paintings for the game to share on our sites

First 3 classified for each category (sims2 e sims3) will get a plaque/banner.

The first classified (the winner) could choose one of following prizes:
  • an item from the Store1
  • a creation request for sims2 or sims32
  • sims gadgets3
  • SimsCri t-shirt 3

1. value of 200Simpoint or less
2. according to SimsCri staff
3. only for Italian residents

Questions and comments

You post your questions or comments on Koinup SimsCri Group or in this forum thread.

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