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Some contest to celebrate Winter! - Sims3Cri December Giveaway PDF Print
Written by CriCri Thursday, 02 December 2010 01:23
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Some contest to celebrate Winter!
Sims3Cri December Giveaway
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Some sites and Facebook groups, such as EA on The Sims 3 FB page, makes some giveaway contests. Here we too, are ready to start our first giveaway! What is a giveaway? We will use Wishlist and Gift this item function of the Store. We will spend 350 Simpoints and split them into 7 gifts. Winners will be random chosen and they will get an item for free from the Store.


Total value 350 Simpoints. Each winner will get an item from the Store choosen from its Wishlist.

7 prizes available:
1x100 Simpoints
2x75 Simpoints
4x25 Simpoints

How to join the giveaway contest:

  • Become Fan of our Facebook page
  • Post a comment on the event Sims3Cri December Giveaway, please insert your name on the official site or the link of your page (you can find it by click on My Page and copy the link, for example and username to post is Sims2Cri)
  • Add to your wishlist at least an item x value (1 at 100, 1 at 75 and 1 at 25 Simpoints). In case you will be selected as a winner we cannot assign you any prizes if your wishlist is empty. If you need to add items at your wishlist, just browse the store, view an item detail page and click on add to my wishlist. Usually hair costs 100Simpoint, clothes and furniture 75 and decoration 25 simpoints.


Giveaway starts December, 2 and ends December, 12
We will post winners before December, 13 both on event page and here on

Last Updated on Friday, 31 December 2010 18:44