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New polls: .package or .sims3pack? PDF Print
Written by CriCri Tuesday, 20 October 2009 01:09
We have just opened a new poll because we need your opinion! As custom content creators we ask us self what kind of files people prefer? So here a simple question, do you prefer to download .package or .sims3pack files? Vote on the right box!

For who doesn't know exactly pro and contro:



Can be organized in subfolders
Install process complicated first times
You just need a double click to install
You need to install 1 file at time
After extract files (.rar or .zip not important) you don't need to do anything. You can insert how many files you want at time.
Every users of your pc read the same cc because they are on program folder not on saves folder.
You can delete them from game because they are read as custom content.
After install process all files are renamed with an incomprensible form.
If you have different users profile on pc and you have some cc in common, you can save some disk space because with cc in programs folder you don't need to replicate files on each profile.
The game doesn't read them as custom content, so you can't delete them during playing. You need to delete from folder view.
You can also delete them from the launcher Slow installation process
You can save cc on a different hard disk from the operating system. You should save in the same disk where the game is installed. You can also organize in subfolder but after installation. When you install a sims3pack a copy of it is stored in Downloads folder in Documents. So you often need to delete files or it increase its size too much.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 October 2009 01:57