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About SimsCri Medieval - the fansite about The Sims Medieval
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Written by CriCri Sunday, 06 March 2011 17:02

The Sims go back in time and get medieval! The Sims: Medieval takes The Sims into the Middle Ages with all new features, new graphics and new ways to play. For the first time, players can create heroes, venture on quests, and build up a kingdom. In an ancient land of adventure, drama and romance, players will be able to get medieval like never before.

Since The Sims Medieval is a new spin-off of The Sims 3 and a stand alone game, we needed a brand new section of our site, with a specific medieval theme! So, here there is SimsCri Medieval, where you can find all info, pictures, video, preview and some tips about  The Sims Medieval.

SimsCri Medieval born in 2011, after some years of passion about The Sims series and after the annoucement from EA of the spin-off The Sims Medieval.

We would like to reach the same results of all our sites: news, articles, guides, tutorial, and so. Since The Sims Medieval is pretty different from all other sims-games, it needs a stand alone site, with a different style, more "medieval". With a different site, you can choose to read only medieval related info, or not.


Grafics & layout: Cristina
Fonts used on site: Dark11, Convington, Times New Roman, Celtic Garamond

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